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Event HQ - Ashton Memorial
Open moorland roads

2010 will see the third running of the LE Terrier Cyclosportive and we are aware of  the problems that previous events caused to riders unprepared for the difficulties of this 77 miler. We should like to warn riders that there is a lot of up and down on this ride and it is not to be taken lightly!!!!

This ride is designed and run for cyclists. We have not added any miles for the sake of it, you will have to ride every one.

As you will see on Cyclosport website this is one of the very best rides in the UK and it is our intention to make it even better. This years HQ is Ashton Memorial in Williamsons Park (seen from the M6), this is probably the most impressive HQ in the country, a great place for friends, relatives, family to await your return. On your return you will be given a voucher to be served with hot fresh soup, bread rolls, tea or coffee. There are 2 other feed stations en route with a great selection of cycling foods and drinks.

For this years long ride we shall have motorcycle outriders at the front and rear who will be in contact with HQ, pinpointing the 1st and last rider which will be kept up to date on the large map back at HQ. First aid equipment and basic cycling spares will be at the feed stations along with the rear outrider.

Please come along and test yourself, we are sure you wont be disappointed!

Browse our Web site for more information about Le-Terrier. If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about Le-Terrier please look on the contacts page


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